A Blurb d'Herb

Let's talk about fresh herbs, people: everyone should be growing lots of them at home. Apartment people, stop creeping backwards away from this conversation, you too can grow herbs in pots indoors and they look and smell great. Just be careful not to keep mint too close to other herbs because it will invade and take over everything. But for goodness sake please grow mint, especially in the summer because I want that shit on everything. When you're cooking a dish and you are using fresh herbs, remember that fresh leafy herbs can only withstand about twenty minutes of heat and they bruise badly, so chop your parsley, cilantro, etc. at the last minute and simply finish your dish with it, don't cook with it. Dry herbs in your pantry actually taste better the more time you let them cook and it especially helps to toast your dry herbs in the pan in some oil or butter a little bit to open up the flavor. If you're buying fresh herbs from the supermarket, fill a glass halfway with water and put the herbs in the glass and keep it in the fridge, you'll get a lot more mileage out of it. Herbs make everything taste fresher than the Prince of Bel-Air, so remember that the herb is the word.