What the Hell is FIFO?

Have you ever heard of FIFO? Ask any restaurant chef and they'll tell you. It's an acronym: first in, first out. This is a way of life in a kitchen for restocking and organizing pantries and walk-ins and it can be applied to your own home to minimize food waste due to spoilage or dumbness. Here's how it works in a restaurant: when food is delivered, it is labelled with a date and placed behind its counterpart that is already in stock. For example, think about how your grocery store stocks the milk and dairy products from the back so that the rotation of milk, as customers are taking it, is maximizing its potential to not spoil. This works for anything that you have a lot of in your refrigerator or pantry. Keep a Sharpie handy in your kitchen and label items that you don't want to get confused and make sure you are utilizing the older products first. This is also great for labelling leftovers so stick a post-it note or write the day that it was made and use good judgement when you're lazy eating and reaching for the two week old globular remains of what had formerly been a veggie stir fry. Be better than that. Everything in a restaurant has a labelled date because it keeps everyone organized and when the health inspector comes they will throw out prepared food without a date-prepared label. It cuts costs in your budget and makes you more aware of what you're using the most and how often you're using it. It may seem anal-retentive at first but give it a try and start treating your kitchen like a restaurant kitchen and the effects will seep into other areas of your organization. GO FIFO!